Visiocare Ointment (Cyclosporine) is a medicine prescribed to treat different eye conditions in dogs. This medicine classified as an ophthalmic ointment is known to treat general dry eye, keratoconjunctivitis, and chronic keratitis. What this medicine actually does is to prevent irritation of the eye as long as swelling which creates a great discomfort in dogs. To prevent the conditions worsening for your pet, medical experts recommend using this medicine as early as possible after symptoms have been noticed. This helps reduce the chances of irreversible damage to your dog’s eyesight from happening, and the condition can respond to treatment easily.

VisioCare Ophthalmic Ointment 5g

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  • VisioCare Ointment (Cyclosporine 2mg) is the cream that should be applied externally only. Remember that this medicine is for use on dogs and at no instance should be used to treat any condition in human patients. It comes in a tube as an ointment, and the veterinary will instruct you on how to apply it. Clean your dog’s eyes for any dirt and leave it to dry naturally. Squeeze the instructed amount of the cream from the tube to your fingertip. Gently massage the cream to the affected eye of your dog forming a thin layer of the cream. This should be done twice in a day, exactly after every 12 hours or as many times as the veterinary determines. Wear protective gloves during application or always ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after every application. Take extra care to prevent the spread of the cream to other unaffected areas.

    Your veterinarian will determine the best dosage for your dog. They will consider how severe the dog’s eye condition is, its health and history and also what other medicinal drugs have been prescribed to the dog. How the dog responds to treatments is also crucial and allows for alterations of the dosage. Do not use another dog’s prescription for a similar condition on your pet or prescribed a dosage for the dog.