Takfa Pet 50ml topical spray.

Topical spray for the treatment of CAD/canine atopic dermatitis (skin diseases associated with allergies). 

Takfa Pet (Tacrolimus 0.02%) spray, 50ml

SKU: 0084
  • Takfa Pet 50ml topical spray for the treatment of canine ctopic dermatitis (skin diseases associated with allergies). 
    This spray is generally used for treating skin infections caused due to allergies or in case of atopic dermatitis, skin rashes and other skin problems in dogs.
    Please do not use this spray on open wound. To be used for dry and itchy hotspots which create irritation to your pet's skin.
    Spray in large amounts on the affected area twice daily until the symptoms disappear or as directed by the vet.

    Exp. 08/2021


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